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Honway is an active, and dynamic organization based in China. We are lucky that we are born in Changsha city, which is the largest production base in China for Construction Equipments and cemented carbide industry. Since 2005, Honway has manufactured the first floor scarifying machine in China and opened the era of cemented carbide applied on concrete floor. Over the years of development, Honway has entered into the field of concrete floor grinding and surface polishing. Now all the concrete scarifier, concrete grinder and cemented carbide cutters are produced in our facility in Changsha city. We have a team of experienced technicians and operators, for research, facilitate and manufacture.




We believe in Quality.

More than 40 steps for quality inspections, even to the screws. Processing accuracy, welding boundaries, wiring methods, etc. are all key points of quality control.



We believe in Saftey.

These machines are operated with hands on, so the electrical system has the safety risk. The quality control is performed strictly, in which 100% conforms to CE regulations.


China manufactue

We believe in China manufacturing.

We are pound of our city-Changsha China, over 1000 manufacturers on construction machinery and spare parts. Our belief to manufacture the best floor grinder and scarifier is firmly and unwavable.

remember the past

Since 2005

Honway started the production of China’ s first concrete scarifier, applied on high speed railway.

2008 Honway found the the rise of concrete grinding and polishing in China and begin to manufacture concrete grinder.

2012 Honway began to enter into international market.

2019 Honway has been a leading manufacturer in China for floor preparation equipments and provides the floor solutions on scarifying, grinding and polishing.



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Brand building

Brand is trust, and brand building is the force that continuously creates trust. It is a long process. Win the market with honesty, and build brand with quality.


ODM services has been provided for over 100 companies of diamond tools, floor material, floor finishing, concrete chemicals, construction machinery, road traffic equipment, and so on.


OEM customers needs to have its own design concept and plan. Technical department, production department, and purchasing department are involved for feasibility plans. At present, OEM services have been provided for more than 10 brands companies from flooring and construction fields.

Everyone is a product manager

The product is the combination of enterprise technology and business services. The purpose is to provide the market with high-quality and reliable products and create value for users. HONWAY insists on establishing contact with users, to understand the usage,  and learn about various working conditions. Honway users are keen to give feedback and discuss how to make machine better and perfect.

Lukefrom Australia
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This is a good machine, the best Chinese edger; but if you can change the shroud to this style I am sure it will be best edger word wide.
Andrewfrom United Kingdom
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It is a truly amazing machine. I have no complaints about it. It works perfectly has tons of power and I love the adjustable RPM feature. I fee withl the right grinding pads this machine is capable of anything. I will absoutely recommend your products to anyone. The only thing I would suggest is to use a tread locking liquid nuts and bolts dury assembly because I did have several bolts come loose on machine. Simple fix. I am curious if you carry and split pcd pads or 7inch grinding wheels?
Salifrom Israel
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We work with G2 and G6. Really good machines and comfortable to work. The 400mm works perfect like concrete killer. I like it very much. We cannot remove the corrosion, all are hard. Now we could remove.
Mr.Jacklicfrom USA
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The reason I think 8 is better because of the weight ... the more weight you have at the edge of the plate the more it is going to shake ( remember I told you before that I can only run the grinder around 900 to a 1000rpm no more) I will try to have only 4 or 6 segments around and 4 in the middle to distribute weight of the segments as much to the middle of the plate so I can passably run the grinder with higher speeds

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product - manager

Ming Liao




Honway is a manufacturer of 16 years’ experience on machinery fabrication and reserach. We have a  series of concrete scarifier, concrete grinder, TCT cutters and diamond floor pads. 



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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the sales@honwaymachinery.com.  thank you!

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the sales@honwaymachinery.com.  thank you!