What is the difference between floor scabbler and floor planer?

Talking about getting concrete ready and fixing it up, there are two machines: the floor scabbler and the floor planer. They both use powertrain components, and robust materials to handle concrete floor surfaces, but they have different targets. Let’s break down the main differences between them.

floor planer

floor scabbler

The Floor Scabbler:

The concrete scabbler is like a machine you walk behind, and it does a tough job – getting rid of stuff you don’t want on concrete surfaces. It incorporates a powerful bush hammer mechanism, for efficiently roughening and texturing concrete surfaces. This includes old floor paints, sticky adhesives, coatings, and dust. It can even make cool textures on the surface and eposes the underlying material. The embedded bush hammer consists of multiple small, pyramid-like points that create a distinctive, non-slip floor texture.

hammer of floor scabbler

Moreover, through the function of dust and debris collection, you can collect the floor stuff. In addition, due to concrete floor scabblers ’ high rotate speed and noise level db, workers should put on vacuum shroud and other related equipment to keep safe.

The way that a concrete floor scabbler works is using tungsten carbide tools like bush hammer that chops into the concrete is called “scabbling”. The bush hammer of concrete scabblers creates a profile and a certain depth on concrete, which is ideal for removing thin coating on epoxy floor.

floor scabbler in the floor site

Concrete floor scabbler has multiple heads and strike concrete by making about 1,200 hits in a minute. Thus, they can achieve fast removal to make rough terrain smoother. The floor scabbler, featuring effective debris collection large wheels, simplifies surface preparation while maintaining cleanliness.

floor scabbler for concrete floor

The Floor Planer:

Different with the concrete floor scabbler, the floor planer focuses on specific tasks. The floor scabbler only works on concrete, but a floor planer can handle both concrete and asphalt. The former machine is unable to master the cutting depth but the latter machine could.

floor planer for roughening floor

The floor planer has a demolition integrated dust shroud, which can prevent the spread of dust. This shroud for dust also helps prevent dust from entering into the working site.

floor planer and its drum

Their difference:

concrete scabbler and planer both achieve fast removal of concrete coatings, dust, and old floor paints. The scabbler carefully chips and scars the top layer of concrete to help things stick together. But the planer is more thorough, completely taking off layers from the surface, making it thinner and forming thin overlays. When they’re working, reducing concrete shrinkage crack should be looked out.

In Short:

In conclusion, both the floor scabbler and the floor planer are important tools, each with their advantages. The concrete floor scabbler is great for creating excellent bond profiles and removing old coatings, while the floor planer has a wider job range, working on both concrete and asphalt. There’s no doubt that they both have excellent bond profiles, which makes uneven joints to become leveling floors.

electric floor planer

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the sales@honwaymachinery.com.  thank you!