Construction process and precautions of concrete hardened floor

Construction process and precautions of concrete hardened floor

Speaking of concrete hardened floors, the floor contractors are familiar with it. It is used in many modern workshops and factories. We need to pay more attention for decorating a good environment. What is the construction process of concrete hardened floor and what are the precautions?

1.Floor treatment

Firstly clean up the debris and dust on the ground with cleaning tools. Knock out the loose parts of the ground, and then repair the potholes and trachoma on the ground with cement mortar blending floor repair agent. Grinding floor with diamond tools step by step, crossly, clean it completely and then suck the dust with vacuum cleaner.

2.harden floor

For first time after the grinded floor is clean and dry, spray the concrete sealing and curing agent on the ground with professional automatic sprayer or roller, which must be sprayed evenly. The floor should be kept wet for about two hours, so that the curing agent can fully penetrate the ground. After the curing agent floor has dried for twelve hours, then polish floor with resin abrasives in a crosswise manner according to the correct sequence, until no scratches and no scraper marks left when cement is finished. After the dust is removed, let the floor dry by itself.

3. harden floor for second time

After harden floor for the first time, spray the curing agent evenly on the ground with professional sprayer or roller, and keep it moist. After two hours, use the high-speed floor polishing machine with scouring pad to crossly grind the ground, with full motor speed 1500 rpm , which remove the residual material. Then clean the floor.

4, Corner processing

For grinding wall corners or column corners, commonly the angle grinder is used for this work. Its finished effect is worse than that of large area grinding and polishing. Besides, angle grinder for corner and edges is a fatigue job for workers. Now HW-G1 concrete floor edge grinder could solve the problem perfectly. It is stand up model, so it saves workers from heavy work. Its working effect is much higher than angle grinder and finished floor is much nice.

After grind the corner and edges, use a multi-purpose floor scrubber or high speed polishing machine with scouring pad polish and dry the floor. Finally, use vacuum cleaner clean the dust.

Precautions for concrete hardened floor construction

1. The concrete floor should be dry, clean and free from pollution.

2. Before spray the floor with concrete densifier, the floor sealants must be completely removed if there is. The floor sealant includes: wax, oil, rubber, paint-sealed surface attachments, etc. If the floor has been cleaned with acid substances, be sure to neutralize the acid before the application of seal curing agent.

3. The coatings on the construction floor must be removed completely by chemical or mechanical methods.

4. Concrete densifier is only suitable for concrete /cement ground.

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