How to choose a concrete floor grinder?

How to choose a concrete floor grinder?

Nowadays, there are more and more types of floor grinders on the market, many people do not know how to choose a concrete floor grinder.This guide will show you the traditional classification of concrete grinders and their respective characteristics so that you can make the right choice.

First look at the motor of a concrete floor grinder.

Generally the power of the motor is 2.2KW ~ 15KW. A high-powered motor is not only easy to start, but also has strong load capacity, fast speed-up, and saves power compared to a low-powered motor with the same load. Moreover, the power of the motor increases, and the weight of the machine will increase. The finished ground will be smoother.

However, too high power will damage the motor, which is an overload, and the life of the motor is greatly reduced. The standard power of the motor is generally 80% of the limit power. Irreversible damage to the motor can occur after a certain period of extreme power.
Next we have to look at the grinding discs of the floor grinder. Floor grinding machine is divided into integrated machine and separated machine. The integrated machine, because of the structure, can effectively protect the gears and bearings during the grinding process.

concrete floor grinding machines are also divided into square machines and circular machines.

The grinding disc of the square machine is rotated in the opposite direction, and the smoothness of the ground is higher. The grinding disc of the circular machine is reversed, and the grinding force is stronger. There is also the area of the grinding disc. The area of the grinding disc is directly related to your work area.
Now the development of the flooring industry is becoming more and more prosperous, and the competition between peers is fierce. As a result, the functions of floor grinding machines are more abundant and the types are more.

Classification of concrete floor grinder

Classification by the number of grinding heads (disks)

Single head (disc) concrete floor grinding machine
Double-head (disc) counter-rotating floor grinder
Three-head (disc) planetary concrete grinder
Four-head (disk) counter-rotating grinder
Four-head (disc) planetary dual-run grinding disc grinder
Six-head (disk) planetary dual-run grinding wheel grinder

Classification by control method

Walk-behind floor grinder
Walk-behind semi-automatic (with drive) floor grinding machine
Remote concrete grinding machine
Driving type grinder
Automatic intelligent grinding machine

Classification by driving power

Electric motor drive
Internal combustion engine
Hydraulic motor drive

Classification by transmission method

Belt transmission
Gear transmission
Belt / gear transmission

Briefly introductions of single-head, double-head, three-head, and four-head grinders, so that you can choose a concrete grinder better.

What is a single-head concrete floor grinder?

The single-head floor grinder has a power output shaft that drives a single grinding disc. On smaller floor grinders, there is only one grinding disc on the head, usually with a diameter of 250mm-480mm;

Features of single head concrete grinder

The single-head floor grinder is suitable for working in compact space. Because single-head floor grinders are difficult to achieve uniform scratches, they are used for rough grinding and epoxy, glue removal, etc.

What is a double-headed counter-rotating concrete floor grinder?

The double-head reversing concrete grinder has two power output shafts, each of which has one or more grinding discs; and the two power output shafts of the double-head machine rotate in opposite directions, that is, they rotate in opposite directions to balance the torque and make the machine easier to operate. In addition, the grinding width of a double-headed floor grinder is generally in the range of about 550 to 1000 mm.

Features of double-headed counter-rotating concrete grinder

Double-head concrete floor grinders cover twice the working area and finish the same ground in a little faster time than single-head grinders. Although similar to a single-head grinder, it is suitable for preliminary preparation but also has a polishing function.

What is a three-headed planetary concrete grinder?

The planetary gearbox of the three-head planetary floor grinder has three power output shafts, each of which has a grinding disc, so that the planetary gearbox can rotate with the grinding disc mounted on it like a “satellite”. When they are used for surface treatment, both the grinding disc and the planetary gearbox rotate in different directions. The grinding width of the three-planet floor grinder is usually in the range of about 500mm to 1000mm.

Features of three-head planetary floor grinder

Planetary grinders are suitable for grinding and polishing because the grinding discs can make overall scratches evenly contacting the ground. Compared with other non-planetary floor grinders, because the weight of the machine is evenly distributed on the three heads, it gives more pressure to the ground, so it is more powerful in grinding efficiency. However, due to the individual torque of the planetary grinder, the workers’ will be more tiring than operating other non-planetary machines.

What is a four-head reversing concrete grinder?

The four-head reversing grinder has a total of four PTO shafts, each of which has a grinding disc; and the four PTO shafts of the four-head machine rotate in opposite directions, that is, they rotate in opposite directions to balance torque and make the machine easier operating. The grinding width of a four-head reversing grinder is usually in the range of about 500 mm to 800 mm.

Features of four-head reversing grinder

The four-head reversing floor grinder covers twice the working area and completes the same ground faster than the two-head reversing grinder. With rough grinding leveling and polishing functions.

Selection criteria

Customers generally consider the price, quality, brand and other factors when purchasing floor grinding machines, and the basic factor is the machine’s quality. To judge the quality of a floor grinding machine, not only by “work efficiency”, “control ability”, and “reliability“ but also by the construction results of the ground.

The construction result here refers to the flatness, gloss, and clarity of the ground.

Flatness is the main acceptance standard for floor construction and an important indicator of ground decoration effect.Gloss Refractive index of ground light, currently one of the industry’s main acceptance standards.Clarity is the presentation of the texture of the ground material. At present, there are corresponding standards in foreign countries.

How to choose a concrete grinder?

The quality of the concrete floor grinder itself is very important, but the effect after construction is also important. Even if the grinder’s quality is as good as possible, but it cannot be used in practice, it is just a “vase”, in contrast, even if the product effect is good, but without corresponding quality assurance, it will not be welcomed by customers.

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