How To Grind Concrete Floor?

How To Grind Concrete Floor?

How to grind concrete floor smooth like grinding garage floor and get a good result ? how to grind different floors like the garage floor, epoxy floor, concrete floor? How to grind floor smoothly? How to make the concrete floor grinding and polishing? how to grind high spots of concrete floor?…. It not only requires the good technical skills of the construction workers, but also requires to know the actual floor conditions and some other factors.

1. professional construction workers;

2. suitable floor machinery;

3. concrete Hardening agent, concrete repair agent, concrete protective agent and other floor materials;

4, good floor craftsmanship;

5, hardness pen, rebound meter, light meter and other detection tools to survey the ground to avoid blind construction.

What do you need to get started in concrete floor Grind?

We recommend using a complete surface treatment system including:

Floor grinding and polishing machines

Industrial vacuum cleaners with Hera filters

Diamond tools, chemicals (thickeners, sealants, dyes-optional).

Of course it is also important to receive proper training to ensure that your project is completed in a professional, timely and cost-effective manner.

Which floor grinder and diamonds should you select?

Choosing the proper floor grinding and polishing machine and diamond tooling is critical for the success of the job, and the following questions should be addressed first:

How big is your project and how much time do you have to complete it?

This will determine how much working width is the grinder and vacuum cleaner and how many diamond tools needed.

For example, a HW-G1 and HW-G2 is appropriate for small residential projects, like garage floor grinding or patios, whereas larger commercial projects will require a larger, more powerful machine such as HW-G4,HW-G6,HW-G8, HW-G9 and HW-G10.

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How old is the concrete?

Freshly poured concrete floors need to wait for curing before grinding, it takes at least 28 days. Conversely, old concrete should be inspected for dents and cracks and repaired accordingly.

What condition is the concrete in?

The condition of the concrete will determine the initial grinding steps required to prepare the floor, including coating or epoxy removal (PCD bonded diamonds are recommended for epoxy coating removal). If the floor is in good condition, you can start with 60 or 120-grit metal bond, but if the floor is uneven and flawed, you should start with a coarser size, such as 30 or even worse 20.

How much would you like to expose the aggregate?

You must grind the concrete more aggressively (longer and deeper) if you want to show the aggregate, which may require more steps.

What is the hardness of the concrete floor?

Normally we consider concrete under 2500 psi as soft, between 2500-4000 psi -medium, 4000-5500 psi -hard, and above 5500 psi -extra hard. Testing the concrete hardness of the floor is related to select the diamond tools. A popular and easy to use tools for testing the concrete hardness is the Moh’s pick set (scratch tester).

Many contractors have trouble understanding how bonds work relative to different kinds of concrete. For example, soft and porous concrete is like pine, and is prone to dents, scratches, or abrasion. Hard and dense concrete, like oak or walnut, has a tight texture and is not easily cut or scratched. Grinding hard concrete requires more diamond particles. There is no doubt that diamond particles are harder than concrete, but the problem is how to effectively make diamond particles act on the concrete surface. If the bonding material used to hold the diamond is hard and the concrete is also hard, the bonding material cannot be consumed at a fixed rate, and the diamond cannot be exposed and effectively contact the concrete. Therefore, hard concrete should be grinded with soft bond abrasives. Conversely, if soft concrete is grinded with soft bond, bonding material will be consumed too quickly.

see the case for how to grind concrete floor.

How much shine do you want?

If only a level finish with less shine is required, the treatment can be stopped after grit 400. If you do not require mirror-like finish, you can also stop processing the floor after grit 800. However, high gloss and mirror-like finish requires the floor to be processed with a higher grit-usually 1500 or 3000.

Wet or dry grinding concrete smooth?

This will sometimes depend on the job and job site. Wet grinding is easier on the equipment, it does not require additional industrial vacuum cleaners, and generates less dust. The grinders always come with a water tank. Dry grinding is less troublesome, as dry grinders are usually equipped with a device for containing the dust, while wet grinding requires manual removal of the mixture of dust and water.

Most operators prefer the dry grinding, as it requires less clean up; however, wet grinding is best for some applications. Just decide according to the actual situation. Remember that dry grinding will always require a proper vacuum equipment for dust collecting and removal. Don’t grind with half dry and half wet.

see the case for how to grind concrete floor.

Congratulations, it’s began to do concrete floor grinding and polishing.

After some preparations are done, you can start grinding, pushing the grinder slowly along the floor.

Once the grinder makes one pass, you can slowly moves it backward, moving it from north to south, east to west to ensure the floor even. The next pass overlaps the first by about half. Grinding the floor can take lots of passes, it depends on how smooth you expect to get, you need to progressively change the grinding tools from a low, coarse grit to a high one.
You must follow the proper grit sequence during concrete processing. For example, if you start with 30 grit, the next grit is 50 or 60, then 100 or 120, 200, 400, 800, etc. Skipping a grit step will seriously affect the result you get. Since Each grit is designed to remove the scratches of the previous grit to grinding concrete smooth and gives shine more easily.

Note: If you find that the grinder works too slowly. You should add the iron weights to the machine, so that the grinding pressure increases and contacts the surface better.

see the case for how to grind concrete floor.

see the picture shows: how to grinding garage floor smooth.

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