How to use the concrete scraper machine HW-G1?

If you are looking for a light duty concrete scraper machine and a ‘cart’ that might be for sale? A light duty, single plate equipment is introduced today. Here, you will read how to use it and its various applications on concrete floor. You will find it is so easy to make the floor preparation.

concrete scraper machine



Single disc concrete floor grinders, often associated with tools as MK Diamond, is versatile for surface preparation. While it may be smaller and less powerful than heavy-duty grinders, it is perfect for tasks that require precision and maneuverability.

Concrete floor grinders are well-suited for small-scale grinding job in various settings, including garages, private residences, and small commercial areas. Additionally, it can also be used for simple concrete polishing, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of tasks. Notably, this concrete floor grinder possesses the capability to grind edges, eliminating the hard work of hand work.

concrete grinder

The Key Components of Concrete Floor Grinder HW-G1


To understand how the equipment works, let’s examine its main components:



It is the heart of the concrete floor grinder, generating power at 220v or 110v. In actual use, the current often exceeds 20A, which requires high-quality motor wingdings and spare parts for security. HW-G1 utilizes the well-known brand WONDER, which also supplies international brands on concrete flooring equipment.

 grinding head


The Head

It contains the motor and plates with diamond tools. The equipment applies 74.8lbs of pressure to ensure effective grinding. The bottom plates of the equipment are made of steel, providing both strength and durability.

 grinding plate of floor grinder



G1 grinder can be easily folded to a height of 800mm and a width of 690mm. This feature enables convenient storage in the trunk of an SUV and allows for quick and smooth folding in just 5 seconds.

Joint of the concrete grinder


For vacuum equipment

Standard sizes for vacuum are 50, 75, and 80mm. G1’s dust port is 50mm, 2’’. Additionally, the vacuum nozzle is placed above, simplifying the connection of the vacuum hose. The unique material of the plastic tube ensure that it wouldn’t deform when the vacuum suction a lot of dust and debris.

vacuum port of floor grinder


Use the equipment

The primary function of concrete floor grinders is to remove material from a surface through abrasive action. The diamond tools or discs under the equipment create friction against the floor surface, leading to the removal of flooring material.

The process is simplied and listed:


Initial Preparations

It’s essential to visit the floor site and learn about electricity requirements in advanced. Ensure that there are sufficient extension cords available to reach the required grinding area for the equipment, or alternatively, verify if a generator is necessary. A generator can be a valuable solution for places which lack of electrical outlets.


Surface Preparation

Prior to grinding, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Significant imperfections on the surface may need to be addressed separately before grinding starts.


Installing tools

These tools should be attached to concrete grinders very tightly for security, as they have the risk of flying off.  G1 plates are designed with a sloped slots. As the plates rotates, these slots grasp the tools tighter and tighter.



Concrete Surface Finish

The desired surface finish, whether it’s a rough texture for improved adhesion or a smooth surface for a decorative concrete, can be achieved by the appropriate tools and construction skills. G1 woks on most concrete floors, from floors with heavy damage to smoothed floors.


Initial Grinding

The operator begins the process by making an initial grinding pass. This step is generally aggressive to remove coating, adhesives, or restore uneven areas.


Subsequent Grinding

Additional passes are made using finer grinding tools with higher grits to achieve the desired smoothness or texture. Each subsequent diamonds’ grit refines the surface, smoothing out the scratches left by the previous grit.


Optional Polishing

Depending on the project’s need, a concrete polishing floor may be achieved with the Resin Polishing tools and the concrete floor hardener.


Speed Control

G1C is variable speed model, allowing for more precise work at lower speeds and quicker coverage of larger areas at higher speeds. Variable speed control also prevents excessive starting current as the equipment begins rpm and end at 1800 rpm.


As an Edge grinder

Remove the Dust shroud;

Taking off the hanging ears of dust cover;

Grind the floor edge; the protective strips of machine will protect wall from damage.

compacted floor grinding machine


Applications of Single Plate Floor Grinders

Light duty floor grinders, or concrete floor grinders, serve various applications:

Concrete Surface Preparation: remove concrete coating, restore that concrete surfaces from damage.

Epoxy Removal: remove epoxy coating from concrete floor, allowing for rejuvenation.

Surface Smoothing: leveling and smoothing concrete floor;

Coating Preparation: the equipment play a crucial role in preparing surfaces for the coating or other materials, ensuring optimal adhesion and finish.

electrical buttons for concrete grinder



Concrete floor grinders may appear simple, but still plays an important role in concrete surface preparation.Today they are invaluable tools for a wide range of applications on concrete flooring.


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