Planetary Vs Rotary – Stories About Concrete Grinder

Planetary Vs Rotary – Stories About Concrete Grinder

Concrete grinders can be characterized as planetary or rotary based on the configuration of the gearbox and discs. Understanding the difference between these two technologies allows you to choose the right floor grinder to smooth, prep, level, grind or polish a concrete floor.

Planetary concrete grinder

The planetary concrete grinder consists of a gearbox and three grinding discs. Three discs mount to the gearbox bottom, and these discs turn at a different speed and direction than the gearbox. The three discs all lie along the same plane and make contact with the floor simultaneously, while the gearbox does not make contact with the floor.

Rotary concrete grinder

The bottom of the rotary grinder’s gearbox has a plurality of discs that can be rotated in reverse. Several different forms of 4/6/8 discs can be used, but the disc-shaped structure that is easy to distinguish from the planetary grinder is always maintained. These discs are on the same plane, the most important difference is that the gearbox of the rotary grinder does not rotate.

Under the same weight, horsepower and voltage, the rotary and planetary grinder has several differences:


The maneuverability of the rotary grinder is better than that of the planetary grinder . The planetary grinder will shake very badly on uneven ground, and the machine will deflect to the side if the speed is higher than 1200 rpm / min. The grinding discs of the rotary grinder rotate relatively, and the longitudinal and lateral traction forces can cancel each other out, so the rotary grinder runs smoothly.

Work efficiency

The revolution of the planetary grinder’disc and the rotation of the gearbox are at a fixed speed ratio, and the grinding force of mechanical grinding is increased. For the grinding and polishing of hard floors, planetary grinders work more efficiently than rotary grinders. To improve the working efficiency of the rotary grinder, the grinding force of the machine must be increased. The unit pressure of the grinding disc is relatively increased, and the mechanical weight is increased relative to the planetary grinder, which is inconvenient to transport. So the rotary grinder is more suitable for soft texture Surface construction. On the other hand, for the grinding and polishing of soft floor, the planetary grinder has a large traction force, and usually requires a skilled operator to perform such work.

Choose planetary or rotary grinder

If you want to determine which option is best for you, you must consider the type of work you usually do and the skill level of the operator. If you mainly need a grinder to complete light tasks, then a planetary grinder may be more suitable for you. On the other hand, if you have experienced staff or can spend time on training and mainly use grinders for heavier tasks, the rotary type may do the job better.

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