Top 6 industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturers to Consider in China

Why does the vacuum cleaner is inquired?

For the concrete preparation, when scarifying, grinding, and polishing the concrete surface, either wet or dry methods are used. The trend today is to dry. The dust extractor for concrete grinding makes the grinding work faster and more convenient, the most important is, that it would not leave behind the messy slurry that the wet working creates. However, the dry grinding or scarifying generates a lot of dust, which makes the dust controlling equipment very mandatory to keep the concrete fines from going into the air.


The concrete scarifier and concrete grinder machines require a particular dust colloctor. It needs to suction concrete dust so that the contractors could see the scratch patterns after scarifying and grinding passes. The dust controller filters the dust and collects impurities from the air. Usually, a concrete grinder and planer don’t come equipped with a vacuum; therefore you have to purchase them separately. Here are some tips from us for the top 6 manufacturers in China to look for.

industrial vacuum cleaner



Honway dust extractor

Honway is the top brand of surface preparation equipment and concrete vacuum cleaner in China. The vacuum series covers the primary filters to the tested Hepa filters which suction 99.97% concrete dust.

Honway feels honored to brining their 15 years’ experience in floor grinder, dust collector, filter cleaning, disposal longopac bag, hepa dust system, and more! When you purchase from the industry leader in surface preparation-you are not just buying Jobsite proven silica dust equipment, but you invest the dust-free tomorrow. Honway guarantees the specification of filtration and assures the resonable price on the new equipment for contractors.

From a health point of view, dust collection is a key part of the concrete grinding and polishing process and it also prevents the surrounding area from being filled with dust.



Dust extractors vary from mid to big sizes;

Power ranging from 2KW to 8.6kw;

Jet pulse and automatic filter cleaning;

PTFE-coated HEPA filter for 99.97% dust;

Equipped with Longopac for dust-free contact. The longopac bagging system makes dust collection and dumping easy and convenient.



Villo vacuum cleaner

Dongguan Villo is engaged in the line of research and marketing of dust removal filter and equipment. Villo is a comprehensive industrial cleaning system provider. Villo line of dust extractor and filter are widely used in the field of industrial production to solve the difficulties in the key process for customers. Villo is the most competitive alternative company to import explosion-proof dust removal equipment, one of the participants in China’s explosion-proof ventilation equipment standardization.



Dust collectors with tested Hepa filter;

Jet pulse and automatically filter cleaning;

Pulse filters;


Anti-static two-layer hose;

longopac bags, free of dumping;

Special for floor grinder.



Dashclean dust collector

Dashclean was founded in May of 2015, to supply customers with top quality and most affordable devices for applications of dust, slurry, and hazardous particles management in the concrete industry.

 At Dashclean, the team has honed more than a decade of experience in the industry. They have developed 10+ product lines from portable electric vacuums to single-phase and three-phase vacuums, and a full library of Osha tested jet pulse filters and accessories.



Available in 110v, 220v, 380v, 440v;

Air flow capacity is from 118cfm to 364 cfm.

Machines have 3 series: G Lines, T Lines, and K Lines.

 Longopac bags allows dust-free disposal.

A powerful pre-separator collects large dust material.



Xinyi dust extractor

 Fujian Xingyi Polishing Equipment Co., Ltd is proud to be one of the biggest system integrators that provide electric floor grinders, propane polishers, tested Hepa filters dust extractor equipped pre-separator, and power tools in China. Their factory locates in Jinjiang, China with professional R&D, Designing, Manufacturing, Sales, and Customer Support teams. Currently, they have around 200 employees spreading all over the world. While having its own engineering company as well. Their Burke Concrete Polishing Co., Ltd has accomplished many projects of designing, grinding, and polishing by their workers across the globe with materials of concrete, terrazzo, marble, granite, and epoxy terrazzo. Burke Company is a company that belongs to XingYi Enterprise, having around 10 years of history and more than 60 employees, and 6 project teams to manage the projects.

 They want to emphasize that they have 39 foreign offices across the globe so that they can provide very detailed and fast customer support. Xinyi focuses on propane concrete grinders, vacuums, disposal tools, and tested OSHA pulse filters for a dust-free environment.



Airflow capacity is up to 529 cfm.

Easy to use Longopac replacement vacuum bags.

A powerful pre-separator collects large dust and debris.

Pre-separator captures 90% of the material and dust.



Ronlon dust collector

Shaanxi Ronlon is a professional supplier of floor preparation systems, especially floor grinders, power tools, propane polishers, and light-duty vacuums with cyclone separators.

For efficient dust collection, a competent vacuum is required, which matches the scarifier & grinder. Ronlon dust-free dust extractor comes in several sizes, ranging from single phase 2KW to three-phase 7.5KW motor. RONLON’s industrial vacuum cleaner comes with an imported polyester fiber PTFE coated HEPA filter dust collection is a crucial part of the grinding process, from the health point of view but also to prevent surrounding areas from being filled with dust.



Motor unit: Three single-phase industry-grade motors with independent ON/OFF, allowing 1kw/2kw/3kw output to suit different work-loading. Built-in vacuum meter for real-time filter clogging detection. The filter cleaning is handle jet pulse and motor-driven jet pulse cleaning.

The dust collector is equipped with a HEPA (PTFE coated, “TORAY” polyester), which can separate 0.3um concrete dust with an efficiency of 99%, disposal longopac bag, securing a high standard of quality and safety Packing.

Anti-static two-layer vacuum hose.

Airflow capacity is from 118 cfm to 364 cfm.

Longopac dust bags of the dust collector eliminate dust efficiently and safely.



Jiansong dust extractor

JS has been established in 2009 and specialized in concrete grinders, large commercial propane polishers, power tools, and dust-free vacuum cleaners of single-phase and three-phase. Our factory locates in Shanghai & Suzhou, China with a professional R&D, technical support, production, and sales team.

JS brand is recommended by customers as the machines are of superior quality, high efficiency, good service, and reasonable price. Combined with JS electrical dust collector, air dust extractors, scarifier & grinders, and propane polisher, they offer a completed surface preparation system that guarantees that you finish the job with the best result and lower cost. They have got the CE certificates, ISO 9001, and SGS approval. With a professional R&D team, high-tech Computer Numerical Control Center (CNC), and advantage welding robots, they are moving fast in the manufacture of heap dust collectors with various cfm,pulse filter, disposal longopac bag, strong hose, pre cyclone, etc.



Airflow capacity of the jet pulse dust collector is up to 529 cfm;

Tested hepa filters;

 Longopac vacuum bagging systems are designed to safely contain dust and debris.


How to select the supplier of dust collector?

When it comes to selecting a hepa dust extractor manufacturer, several critical factors must be considered to ensure you make an informed decision. Dust extractors are essential tools for maintaining a clean and safe working environment in work facilities, construction sites, shop, and more. They play a crucial role in removing dust, debris, and other hazardous particles efficiently. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to choose the right dust extractor manufacturer that suits your needs.


1.     Research and Compare Brands: Start your search by conducting thorough research on various vacuums. Look for well-established brands that have a reputation for producing high-quality products, like Husqvarna. Visiting their official website to explore their product range, customer reviews, and warranty information.


2.     Filter and Pulse Filter Technology: The efficiency of the machine largely depends on its filtration system. Opt for manufacturers that offer advanced air pulse filter technology. The air pulse filter cleaning helps in automatic filter cleaning, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the vacuum cleaner. Ensure that the manufacturer you choose utilizes state-of-the-art filter cleaning mechanisms for their machines.


3.     Consider the Power and Airflow: Assess the power and airflow capacity of the industrial vacuum cleaners offered by different manufacturers. The higher the CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rates, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner. It is crucial to select a machine that can handle the dust volume to your application.


4.     Vacuum Types: Manufacturers may offer different types of industrial vacuum cleaners, such as portable units, for floor grinders, and heap dust extractors. Evaluate your requirements and choose a manufacturer that provides vacuum cleaners suitable for your specific needs. Whether it’s a fine dust extractor or a heavy-duty machine, make sure they have the right equipment for your industry.


5.     Price and Budget Consideration: While price is a significant consideration, it should not be the sole determining factor. Look for manufacturers that offer competitive price without compromising on the quality of their vacuum cleaners. Request quotes from different suppliers and compare them to find the best value for your investment.


6.     After-Sales Support and Warranty: A reputable manufacturer will provide excellent after-sales support and customer service. Check if the manufacturer offers a warranty on their products, and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty coverage. A warranty ensures that you are protected from any manufacturing defects or malfunctions during the specified period.


7.     Availability and Shipping: Consider the availability of the vacuum cleaner models you are interested in and check if the manufacturer provides prompt shipping services. Efficient shipping ensures you receive your equipment in a timely manner, minimizing downtime in your operations.


In conclusion, choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner manufacturer requires research and consideration of technical factors such as motor, cleaning system, pulse filter, material; and other factors as price, after-sales support, shipping etc. By following these guidelines, you can make a well-informed decision and invest in a reliable and efficient hepa dust extractor that meets your specific needs.

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