What are the concrete scabbler and concrete planer?

Concrete planers, concrete scabblers – these tools help contractors of floor prepare concrete surfaces and remove the high spots. Whether they are used on floor repair or decorating work, each of these machines has specific advantages on concrete floor for multiple jobs.

This article outlines their features, benefits, and differences. It helps to know which machine in real resurfacing use.

concrete scabbler for test

What are the concrete scabblers?

Concrete scabblers are designed to roughen concrete surface more efficiently than grinders or scarifiers. They are made of light but robust materials, powertrain components and make use of compressed air to drive a piston-mounted tungsten carbide drill bit into the concrete surface at up to 1,200 strokes per minute.

Concrete scabblers have carbide drill bits that last over 50 hours and usually powered by compressed air. Concrete scabblers require a vacuum port for dust-free operation, and an low vibration design for comfortable operation.

concrete floor scabbler

What are the concrete scabblers used?

Depending on the strength of the concrete floor, concrete scabblers can remove up to 1/4 inch of concrete at a time. Multiple passes are usually required to achieve the desired depth. At 3/16 inch depth per pass, it can remove up to 200 square feet coatings per hour.

Concrete scabblers are applied on high points in concrete to create an excellent surface texture for bonding overlays and underlying material, smooth uneven joints, take off the hard coatings etc.

concrete scabblers usually have 11 pcs bushing hammers that deliver 24,000 total strokes per minute. This heavy duty pneumatic concrete scabblers have a cutting width of 9-5/6 inches, a production capacity of approximately 100 square feet per hour, at a vibration level of 4.96 Aeq m/s2. Floor Scabbler features low-vibration technology with 24,000 taps per minute and operates with a single compressor, consuming 55 CFM of air at 90 PSI

This new multi-head concrete scabbler is ideal for resurfacing concrete without damaging the underlying substrate. The applications include removing coatings from large areas of flooring, roughing concrete surfaces, and preparing bridge decks for waterproofing.

Concrete scabblers are also suitable in the industries as resurface ramps, repaire sidewalk trip hazards, create non-slip surfaces, roughen concrete surfaces, and peel deteriorated concrete.

floor scabbler in the high speed roadway


 What is the concrete planer?

Concrete planer, also called concrete scarifiers, removes heavy duty floor coatings, rubber elastomers and epoxy materials fast and aggressively.

Concrete planer can be powered by electricity, gasoline and diesel engine. They make use of the action which the multi-headed, interchangeable cut-off wheels called flails spin at high speeds to break the concrete surface and coating. The low-vibration design has been typically used in the light weight machines.

The tungsten carbide and hardened steel are most commonly availability. The TCT cutters are more aggressive and longer lasting, an ideal tooling for jobs that require high productivity or high PSI concrete scarification, while steel knives are cheaper and have a shorter lifespan. Both types of tools are available in different diameters, widths, number of teeth and grades. Tip styles of concrete scarifiers include sharp for aggressive removal; blunt or flat tips for gentler scratching action or angled for scraping.

push model concrete scarifier

What is the concrete planer used?

Concrete planer can also groove sidewalks to make them non-slip, eliminate sidewalk tripping hazards, level misplaced concrete joints and uneven surfaces, and can achieve different finishes by adjusting the spacing and pattern of cutter assemblies; The closer the cutters are spaced, the smoother the finish. The vacuum helps to optimize the dust free environment.

concrete planer in the floor site

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the sales@honwaymachinery.com.  thank you!