What is concrete floor curing?

What is concrete floor curing?

Concrete floor curing is to add concrete sealing, dust proof and wear-resistant hardeners when grinding polishing the floor with a concrete grinder, fundamentally solve the shelling, hollowing, chipping, shedding, pulverization and short life of cement floors, terrazzo floors, emery floors, and epoxy floors.

By effectively penetrating the depths of the concrete and gel-reacting with the free calcium components in the concrete, a network structure is formed in the pores of the concrete, making the structure in the concrete denser and firmer, and the capillary pores are effectively sealed and avoided forever The concrete dust is separated from the surface voids, resulting in a dust-free, dense, high-strength, high wear-resistant concrete floor with marble-like luster. The longer the use, the better the gloss, and the life span can reach more than 20 years.

It is recognized Floor products have the longest service life, and are widely used in general high-hardness military facilities, national defense, air-raid shelters, tunnels, large bridges, power, storage and logistics centers, docks, helipads, heavy machinery workshops, aircraft maintenance warehouses, etc.

Application for concrete floor curing

1. Suitable for all kinds of new construction concrete floor treatments that require no dust, enhance overall compressive strength, permeability resistance, hardness, wear resistance, and bright surface.

2. It is suitable for the second treatment of all kinds of old concrete (cement mortar) ground, terrazzo ground and emery wear-resistant ground that are easy to ash and sand. After the ground is treated, the strength, hardness, and surface compactness of the old ground (permeability resistance) are greatly improved to achieve the effects of no sand, dustproof and easy cleaning.

3. It is suitable for places with extremely high wear resistance requirements, such as concrete floors in various workshops, hardened aggregate floors, parking lots, bridges, roads, roads, airports, large warehouses and other concrete floors, areas with particularly frequent traffic, etc.

The advantages of concrete curing

1. Permanently improve strength and hardness

Concrete floor curing can solidify the components of concrete into a hard entity, forming a three-dimensional spatial network structure, thereby increasing the density, strength and hardness of concrete, and greatly improving the abrasion resistance and surface weather resistance of concrete. The smooth surface after receiving light will produce a beautiful luster like marble. The concrete that has been treated with this product is stronger than the untreated, fully matured concrete, which is determined by the compression test after 30 days, and the strength increases by more than 40%, and the strength continues to increase over time.

2. Permanent seal, impermeability

It only needs to be used once, the concrete is cured and sealed forever during the life cycle, and it can resist any oil and other dirt.

3. Permanent curing concrete floor

It can restrain the generation of micro cracks and temperature difference cracks on newly made concrete floors. When the construction is applied to the firm concrete that has been properly poured and just completed, the substances generated by the chemical reaction with the concrete components will retain the water that is extremely important for the hydration process, and the concrete will be cured consistently.

4. Permanently does not produce dust

This product chemically reacts with the silicate in the concrete to permanently eliminate the concrete particles released from the surface voids, thereby preventing dusting.

5. Super binding ability

Because floor curing eliminates the unfavorable combination of concrete salts on the surface, the treated surface is more conducive to the use of paint, waterproof materials, bonding agents and floor materials, and the combination and compatibility with any kind of coating materials.

6. Save a lot of repair and maintenance costs

No need to wax, just mopping the floor with clean water.

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We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the sales@honwaymachinery.com.  thank you!