What is concrete shaver and what it does?

What is concrete shaver?

Concrete shaver, also called concrete scarifier or concrete planer, cuts and removes concrete surface faster and more aggressively than concrete grinder or scabbler. The multi-tipped cutting wheels, or flails on the drum under the machine rotate at high speed and then pummel and chip away the concrete coatings. The interchangeable cutter and blades can be chosen for achieve the different profile and milling for different floor construction.

China concrete shaver

Types on power source of concrete planer 2023

Mainly gasoline engine and electric motor:  compared with gasoline engine unit, the scarifier motor is less sensitive to the dust. However, the gasoline engine’s speed is higher than motor speed, so its working efficiency is higher. Besides, gasoline engine scarifiers can be used in outdoor which the electricity is not available.

gasoline engine concrete shaver

Electrical motor concrete shaver



Types on structures of concrete planer 2023

Walk behind machines: range from 3hp to 13hp; 70kg to 170kg; working width 200-250mm; cutting depth 1-5 mm.

Self propelled machines: Heavy duty, range from 15hp to 25hp; weight from 250kg to 400kg; working width 250-350mm; cutting depth up to 30 mm.

Concrete planer is specially referred to the heavy weight machine, which is designed for the most demanding removal jobs. The self walking scarifier could maneuver the unit forward and reverse easily, smoothly, and comfortably. The walking speed of the machines is variable, from backward to forward. The working width is also variable as the shaver blade could compose in different style.

An easy-lift system lowers and raises the drum. The device of depth cutting adjustment is within easy reach on the top of the machine. It is also an user-friendly electric equipment and the operator would never feel shaking and fatigue.

All the controls are at the perfect working position of the machine. Two independent hydraulic motors provide adjustable feed rates, and a unique drive system works through a base mechanism.

Usually there is no a complete dust shroud around the machine, but the scarifier has the port 2” or 3” for connecting the dust extractor.



hydraulic transmission of concrete shaver
hydraulic transmission of concrete shaver




the gasoline tank of the concrete shaver
the gasoline tank of the concrete shaver




the heavy duty bearing for big afford
the heavy duty bearing for big afford



Drum and tools

Milling tooling, also known as scarifiers or planer cutters, are mostly made of cemented carbide, but during the coatings removal process, due to severe friction, the tools will cause serious wear, short life and frequent replacement.


TCT cutters for concrete shaver

The diamond tooling is more aggressive for the toughest applications and concrete removal. The saw blades are made of high hardness diamond material, so the wear resistance is greatly improved. These tooling removes more sharp than the traditional ones on floor coating, epoxy, uneven surface, joints and other applications.

TCT cutters for concrete shaver
TCT cutters for concrete shaver


Diamond blade for heavy shaving

According to the different concrete cutting and CPS, the diamond blade and tooling of the heavy duty scarifier machine can be combined in different ways. With compact assembling of diamond saw, whole layers up to 10” width and 1” depth can be removed. A certain distance can be set up between the blades. The deep cutting grooves on construction floor could go in two directions. They can be either 90 degree or diagonal to each other .i.e. chess board pattern.

diamond blade of concrete shaver for heavy shaving
diamond blade for heavy shaving

Due to its physical size and geometry, the aggressive concrete planer is not appropriate for use on very small concrete areas and slabs or those with significant obstructions.



What does the Concrete shaver do?



Industrial Floor Preparation: Shaving & Grooving

Shaving industrial floors is a precise method for floor preparation: removing existing floor coatings, or just removing a thin layer of concrete. Shaving is a process that removes material in a single pass at a uniform depth of 1/32 inch to 1/4 inch…consistent.

Grooving concrete and building up the pattern is another method for floor preparation. It can help the scarifiers to remove multiple layers of existing surface finish by cutting into the concrete surface and creating a checkerboard pattern. Most concrete scarifiers cut 1 inch to 2 inches, so the industrial floors or epoxy floors could be cut into the desired depth. The floor shaver and grinder are most commonly equipments for surface removing, grinding and polishing.

When industrial concrete safety strips are critical and never change position, use the floor shaver machine to create 4 inch to 6 inch wide depressions directly in the concrete surface without affecting the rest of the concrete floor. Pour striped material into depressions to reduce wear and tear from forklifts and other traffic.



 Farmyard groove: non skip floor for cows



The movement of animals on concrete surfaces over time creates surfaces that are slippery and dangerous for livestock and humans alike. Valuable cattle sometimes have to be handled due to falls or torn muscles from slipping on the concrete. The concrete planer with diamond blades cut grooves smoothly and precisely in planks and concrete. Unlike other grooving methods, the floor shaver leaves clean square edges that won’t damage the surrounding concrete, providing unmatched grip, thereby increasing the safety of the herd.

non slip floor for cow on the barn



Distance and pattern. The grooves are placed at approximately 60mm centers on the drum and generally orientated perpendicular to the direction of travel. Grooves should be cut in two directions and can be either 90 degrees or diagonal to each other i.e. chess board design.

checkerboard pattern on the barn floor


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